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    MELI is a Non Governmental Organization established in 2003. In 2004 MELI established a memorandum of understating with Masinde Muliro University’s Center for Disaster Management and Humanitarian Assistance ( CDMHA). The collaboration with CDMHA and the masters students, enabled MELI to carry out training on disaster preparedness to residences of the flood prone areas of the River Nzoia in Matungu District.

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    Mobile Education for Life International is committed to promoting all inclusive development initiatives in Kenya....

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Who We Are

Mobile Education for Life International is committed to promoting all inclusive development initiatives in Kenya. The year 2011 is crucial for going back to the drawing board to assess the progress of the achievements related to Millennium Development Goals (MDGs).The issue of poverty reduction remains a major challenge

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What We Do

  • Capacity Building

    The project will focus on building the capacities of existing CBO so that they can empower the members on financial gains that emerge from savings. MELI also intends to work with communities through the leaders to share knowledge and skills that will enable them to re-examine existing traditional saving opportunities. Initiatives will include training workshops, awareness creation on community based banking establishing or strengthening existing community structures

  • Networking and collaboration

    MELI intends to work very closely within its network to develop common approaches, frameworks and tools such as manual, checklists and guidelines. This will enable the project to use and build on existing knowledge, practices, materials and information to enhance project delivery. Deliberate efforts will also be made to establish and strengthen existing and new linkages with other organizations and networks working on community based learning.

  • Shared learning and documentation

    MELI intends to hold workshops at both national and county levels to create a forum for exchanging ideas, sharing experiences, lesson learnt and successful strategies.. Successful innovative strategies, experiences and lesson learnt in this project will be documented, published and shared with relevant stakeholders through workshops, print, and electronic media for replication and policy influencing.

  • Policy Reform advocacy

    MELI will advocate for inclusion of community based learning in the school curriculum and support experiential education curricular that helps students to analyze and solve problems in their immediate environment. The documented successful innovative strategies will inform MELI’s policy reform advocacy in influencing MOE and other stakeholders to replicate and integrate the interventions into national education systems.

  • Partnership

    MELI will work very closely with Ministries of co-operatives to transform participating institutions to promote an all inclusive l enabling environment, the integration of Community based learning in the curriculum and the adoption of life skills training from an early age. MELI will also seek additional funding partners to expand the project to other African countries in the near future.

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